David Mcilrath - 2008

I began running with a bit more focus at the end of 2004. Prior to that I had been looking for a sport to keep me active and hadn't really found one that suited my lifestyle. I had always been a part-time runner of 4 or 5kms so it suited me to focus on endurance running where it would be very easy to put on tekkies and head out the door.

I decided that to be more focussed I would have to have a goal. The Comrades marathon had always amazed me so I somewhat hazily told myself that if I was well trained enough come qualifying time I would run Comrades in 2005.

So I joined the 'Crocs', bought my number and attended time trials to find out what long distance running was really about. Since then I've done 4 Comrades, including a Bill Rowan (sub 9 hour) medal, a number of other ultras and marathons around KZN including the 50km run up and down Mont-au-sauxes(spelling?).

I've decided to give myself a break from training for a while; spend more time with my young family, but I suspect that one day I will line up in Durbs or PMB for another crack at Comrades.