Exxaro Marathon 2012

April 23rd, 2012

Exxaro Marathon 2012

By : Bronwyn Hunt

An Event on the runners’ calendar not to be missed!

The degree of difficulty was on the Xtreme side. 

Xtended rolling hills make for excellent preparation for comrades.

The Air we breathed was crisp at the early start.

Rural settings in the sugar cane fields were good for the soul.

Thanks to the alert marshals we didn’t have to Orienteer.

There were Many representatives from various clubs.

The Atmosphere created by the hosts and supporters made for special memories at the start and finish.

It was wonderful to enjoy the fellowship of fellow Runners en route.

Runners and Walkers overcame their physical and mental Agonies to win the race against themselves.

‘Tired and Thirsty’, we found great comfort from the willing and friendly helpers at the water tables.

Hot! Hot! Hot! by midmorning.

Thank you to the Organizers, you are a great team, uMhlathuze, we are proud of you

Never again ………………. Until next year!

April 23rd 2012 Exxaro Marathon

Bronwyn and John looking strong during the Exxaro 2012